Panthers News · Governor’s guidelines for summer athletics starting next week, masks NOT mandatory.


Parents and Students,

The governor has come out today with more guidelines in response to her Tuesday’s announcement about masks being mandatory in all public places.  These guidelines now have exemptions listed.  One of the exemptions listed is “Athletes who are engaged in an organized sports activity that allows athletes to maintain a 6-foot distance from other with only infrequent or incidental moments of closer proximity.”  After discussing this with District Administration, we have determined that to mean, that we may go back to the way we have been conducting our indoor and outdoor strength and conditioning sessions and individual sports workout sessions.  Both students and coaches must be diligent in maintaining the 6ft distancing rule.  We will continue to use this along with stressing good hygiene habits, daily cleaning and disinfecting of the spaces and equipment being utilized both during and after activities, and urging students to stay home if they feel ill.

While masks are NOT MANDATORY, they are also not discouraged to be worn.  The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) is also encouraging student athletes to wear masks when an athlete is not directly involved in the activity, such as standing on the sidelines, in line awaiting their turn, while entering buildings to or exiting from events, or while waiting for events to begin, especially if the 6ft distancing rule can not be met.  If students wish to wear masks during workouts, they are welcome to do so.  Again, attendance at summer activities are completely voluntary and are NOT MANDATORY.  Please do what you believe is best for your student during this time.  If you have specific sports related questions, please email your respective head coach.

Again, masks are NOT MANDATORY for participation in summer athletic events at PHS at this time.  As always, if further exemptions or restrictions are announced or lifted, we will pass that information along.  Thank you for your patience and support throughout these uncertain times.