Panthers News · Away Events and Crowd Restrictions.

As everyone is aware of there are crowd restrictions everywhere we travel.  With that being the case and with smaller visitor seating, especially at outdoor venues, please understand if your child is NOT participating that night, they will not be on the travel roster and you will NOT be allowed admittance.


Freshman/Sophomore Football players’ NOT traveling with the varsity on Friday tickets will not work for admittance to Spring Hill.  

JV Volleyball players’ not traveling with the Varsity on Saturday to Anderson County, tickets will not work for admittance either.

So please do not travel to an away event if your child is not traveling with the team and expect to get in.

Reminder that as of right now, Cheerleaders are not traveling either, so their tickets will not work at away events either.

We are sorry we have to do these things, but we appreciate everyone’s understanding.