Panthers News · Baseball and Softball tomorrow at Eudora.

Please see information for the baseball and softball games for tomorrow, Tuesday, 4/6 in Eudora.  Please note, JV softball and baseball WILL NOT play at Eudora HS, but rather at the city fields.

  • JV Softball and Baseball @ Eudora City Field Double Header, 4:30pm (1630 Elm St., Eudora)
  • V Softball and Baseball  @ EHS Varsity Field Double Header, 4:30pm (2635 Church St., Eudora)
  • Varsity fields, will have an admission of $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for K-12, and league passes will be accepted, no admission at JV games.
  • Varsity fields, spectators will be temp checked when they arrive, possible at JV fields.
  • Masks are required of all spectators at both venues, coaches, workers, and players that are not actively participating.
  • No spectator limits at either venue.
  • We ask that fans socially distance away from other family groups.  We encourage fans to bring lawn chairs and utilize areas up the lines for seating.  We ask that when sitting in the bleachers that you again socially distance.
  • There will be concessions
  • Livestream for V softball only, provided by a parent: Facebook Page;  EHS Softball 2021 Live Streams